Jamie and Kacie have been dating for four years, and are separately beginning to feel the affects of malaise and disconnect. As they drift apart from one another and struggle to bridge the gaps growing between them, Jamie begins to develop feelings for another woman.

After precariously flirting with infidelity, Jamie abandons this new pursuit and attempts to salvage his relationship with Kacie, only to discover that she too has fallen for someone else. Recognizing that she has been suffering the same loneliness and emotional isolation that he has, Jamie encourages Kacie to be with this new man and pursue what makes her happy.

When she does, Jamie immediately realizes that he has not drifted as far away from her as he thought, and suffers immensely trying to continue to be her friend while she fosters a relationship with a new partner. The situation quickly becomes untenable, and through the trauma of the resulting conflict, Jamie and Kacie experience a    renewed sense of intimacy between them, but realize that it may be too late to remain a part of each other’s lives.
Spaces and Reservations is the third micro-budget feature film from unabashedly personal young auteur Brendan Prost, featuring the talents of Zach White and newcomer Taylor Hastings. Shot on location in the lower mainland of British Columbia over sixteen days in August of 2012, during a break between Prost’s semesters at Simon Fraser University, this intimate epic is an impressive accomplishment of do-it-yourself filmmaking, as well as an extraordinary actor’s showcase from start to finish. Inspired by the personal experience of the filmmaker, Spaces and Reservations is a character-driven drama that tells the story of a young couple being torn apart by malaise and infidelity, and the way in which the trauma of their breakup brings them back together again.

Working from a detailed, raw, and candid script, as well as extensive deliberation with a gifted cast of young actors, Prost lead a small crew of student filmmakers through an intense and exhausting production period that aimed to capture the most intimate moments of weakness and emotional vulnerability between two people being torn apart. Insisting on naturalistic, unrehearsed performances, and extraordinary emotional investment from White and Hastings, Prost consistently emphasized the work of the actors while embracing a lo-fi aesthetic with critical sensibilities, scattered with moments of evocative imagery and moody lighting from co-cinematographer Jeremy Cox. The addition of a subtle, delicate original score from Drew Redman, and the deeply affecting musical contributions of Honeybear (Aaron Meyer) and Crissi Cochrane, helped colour and breathe life into what became a tragically familiar tale of first love lost.

The final film, coming in at an astounding 140 minutes, is a thoughtful and rich low-budget feature that engages with it’s careful observation of relatable, complex human characters. It is a patient and textured relationship drama that features not only a host of excellent performances, but also Prost’s unmistakable earnestness and emotional honesty.
Spaces and Reservations was inspired by two separate emotional experiences that I had with two very different people at different stages of my life, and initially existed in my mind as two distinct narratives that examined a relationship ending in divergent ways. In the aftermath of my later personal experience, I realized that these two parts of my life were profoundly interconnected, and that the film would have to express that. My understanding of the earlier event significantly informed my behaviour in the later event, and the later experience profoundly altered my memory of the earlier one. They were two breakups that mutually informed one another in ways that I hadn’t even realized.

Jamie in the film deals with something similar. His experience of becoming lonely and falling for someone else motivates his unconventional reaction to Kacie’s confession that she has been dealing with the same feelings. And for both of them, the emotional disconnect that inspires their breakup is overcome by the very process of breaking up, by recognizing the symmetry of their own discontent, and finally becoming vulnerable and intimate with each other again. I wanted to explore this dynamic, and the notion that, in a relationship, you move further away from your partner in some ways, and you become more intimate in others. And, despite the best efforts and the best intentions to stay together, your relationship is constantly being worn by this tension. You can try so hard to stay together, as Jamie and Kacie do, there can be nothing visibly wrong, you can absolutely believe in your love for another person, and it just might not matter. Your heart does strange things that your mind can’t comprehend.

Making this film for me was about reflecting back on two of the most painful and formative events of my life, their mutual co-dependence, and trying to find some meaning in them. Spending a lot of time writing, and then working closely with some tremendous actors during the shooting period, became a desperate search for wisdom. In order for me to put these events behind me, to learn their lessons, and to have new successful relationships, I needed to make sense of what—in my mind—was incomprehensible. How I could love someone and they could love me, and our relationship could still end and cause us both so much anguish. 

Although I can’t claim to have reconciled and understood everything, I can say with certainty that making and sharing Spaces and Reservations has been an indispensable opportunity for self-reflexivity that I have found truly humbling and life changing. I hope the experience of watching the film, and seeing the crumbling of what is undoubtedly a familiar relationship for many people, affords the audience the same chance at reflection and reconciliation that I had.


 Duration: 140 minutes
 Picture: High-Definition Video - 1.85.1 (16X9) - Colour
 Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 or Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
 Production Budget: Approximately $5000
 Camera: Canon 7D
 Lenses: Zeiss Prime Series
 Edit: Final Cut Pro 7
S P A C E S  A N D  R E S E R V A T I O N SSpaces_and_Reservations_Feature_Film.html

An intimate relationship drama about a young couple being torn aapart by malaise and infidelity,

and the way the trauma of their breakup brings them back together again.

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