Zach White is a 23 year old non-professional actor from Calgary. Zach did a year in the BFA performance program at the University of Calgary before moving to the English department. Before his critically lauded performance as the lead in Choch, Zach was a star of his high school drama program, garnering the lead in the school’s yearly production when he was in grade eleven, and a major role in grade twelve. His film credits also include cameos in Whodunnit and Generation Why.
Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jennifer Kobelt is currently living and acting in her hometown. After graduating from Vancouver Film School’s Acting for Film and Television program, she was quickly taken on by Kathy Carpenter at KC Talent and has been building her career ever since. Acting, Voice Over, Singing are her major artistic passions; she is also a drummer and model. 

On every set, Jennifer has one main goal - make everyone's job as easy as possible.
Having recently returned to Canada from a year spent performing in the European Theatre, Dayleigh has eagerly pursued the spiritually rewarding, financially woeful road of passionate and inspired independent films. A talented improvisational actor with a gift for impressions, Dayleigh has a host of professional credits, and also regularly produces comedic sketch for the web.

He is enthused to be collaborating on organic character driven storytelling with others equally possessed and obsessed by the filmmaking process. Dayleigh is also a writer and producer in pre-production on several film projects.
Born into a musical family in Vancouver in 1958, Ian McAndrew studied opera and composition at UBC.
In 1981, Ian moved to Toronto, where he performed frequently with Toronto Operetta Theatre and The Victoria Scholars, wrote 3 full-length stage plays, 2 screenplays, and composed two chamber operas, Benjamin Brown and Cassandra, among several dozen shorter works.
In 2010 Ian returned to Vancouver where he continues to compose and perform.  He has appeared in the TV series’ Urban Legends and Untold Stories of the ER, and prior to Spaces and Reservations made his feature film debut in Mop King (2013).
Aaron Is a Canadian actor, writer, videographer, surfer, and waster. With an extensive background in theatre, Aaron’s notable previous roles include Herny V in Henry V, John Proctor in The Crucible, and Johnny Canuck in Johnny Canuck and the Last Burlesque. Before his appearance in Spaces and Reservations, Aaron starred in Brendan’s short film Jerk. 

Aaron Is currently living and surfing in Tofino, where he is working on his upcoming book of short stories called A History of Hot Chocolate. He continues to work on his cutback in the water, and his soul outside of it.
Taylor is an ex-pat musical theatre enthusiast who, since discovering her love for on-camera acting in college, has been working on transitioning into a career in film and television. She is beyond thrilled that Spaces and Reservations marks her entry into the film world. Taylor can also honestly say, "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV", as you might also catch her on a re-run of Untold Stories of the ER.

To keep up with Taylor, check out her blog, Ginger Soup for the Actor's Soul and visit her IMDB page online.
BRENDAN PROST  (Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Co-Cinematographer)
Brendan Prost is a DIY filmmaker and a student at Simon Fraser University. He is best known as the ambitious and unabashedly personal young auteur behind three feature films, Choch (“one of the intriguing and involving low-budget indies to cross my desk in 2011” – The Independent Critic), Generation Why (Rising Star Award Winner at the Canada International Film Festival - 2010), and most recently, Spaces and Reservations, which screened across Canada in the spring of 2014.

Brendan’s directing credits also include a diverse set of short films on a variety of formats, including most recently an improvised act of self-interrogation entitled Best Friends For Life (Official Selection - Montreal World Film Festival) and his SFU grad film, Getting There.

Originally a child actor from Calgary, Brendan relocated to Vancouver four years ago to pursue his education at Simon Fraser University. There, he has continued to pursue his interest in performance-intensive, personal narrative filmmaking while working towards his BFA and collaborating with his peers in a myriad of ways. 

Brendan’s films are characterized by their evocative, earnest spirit and particular emphasis on character.
Arianna is an actor, writer and director from Vancouver. Her first film role involved being murdered by a mismatched pair of psychopaths and she's been dying in movies ever since. Aspirations of living through to the end of a film aside, she also specializes in adaptation from page to screen and writing brilliant characters. Now, if she could just conquer plot her future would be assured.

While her focus is film (her first and only love), she also spends a little time treading the boards now and then and was recently seen in The Rimers of Eldritch, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Birth, an original play. She can also be seen in the comedy webseries The Actress Diaries recurring as the grumpiest casting director ever. Connect with Arianna by visiting her website.
RHEANNA TOY (Production Design)
Rheanna Toy is a young filmmaker who is (and forever will be!) eager to learn new things about art, and is constantly pursuing new ways to discover and share film. She dabbles in various roles including writing and directing her own work, as well as collaborating with other artists in various crew positions. Spaces and Reservations was one of her first experiences exploring the world of production design.
Teresa Laverty is a Vancouver actor who makes regular appearances in local student films, particular those produced by Simon Fraser University, where her most recent role was in Villain!. 
In addition to her student work, Teresa also has experience in television, where her credits include Untold Stories of the ER and Tide Water. After appearing in Spaces and Reservations, Teresa can also be seen in the upcoming feature The Mary Contest.
JEREMY COX  (Co-Cinematographer)
Jeremy Cox is a resourceful young cinematographer and director from North Vancouver whose burgeoning practice places special emphasis on visual storytelling. Cox’s tremendous work ethic and propensity for sharing his knowledge with those around him has garnered him a multitude of opportunities shooting student and professional films like O Angel of God and Lucid, as well as music videos such as Freaky by Hollywood Hoodlums. Jeremy is currently working towards his BFA at Simon Fraser University, and will be lensing several of the upcoming graduate film projects.
DREW REDMAN (Score Composer)
Drew Redman is a composer, sound designer and recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s music composition program.  His work shows a great interest in rhythmic ideas and exploring various timbres.  Drew has worked as a composer/performer for several theatre productions, as well as dance, visual art collaborations, and currently working on his first score for an upcoming feature film, Spaces and Reservations.  His pieces have been played in the Sonic Boom festival, as well as performances by Piano Pinnacle. Having always had a passion for both music and storytelling, Drew is currently working towards a career in film and video game scoring.
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